Aviary Tips

Use paddle pop sticks when mixing egg & biscuit or medicines, they are disposable & cheap and cut down on possible contamination.

All green food given in the morning is taken out in the afternoon.

Soaked seed is given every morning in breeding season, but only enough for each pair of birds to eat during the day. The containers are taken out each afternoon and soaked in the bleach mixture.

Always sweep around food bins to remove any food that is spilt while filling seed containers.

Keep all food, cuttlefish etc. in air tight containers, so as not to attract any rodents.

When cleaning your aviaries, check out the birds and nest boxes. Make it a rule to spend some time to have a good look around your aviaries and birds.

It is important to give birds lots of greens & other foods such as native plants, e.g. bottle brush wattle, grevillea - all different types and colours, and seeding grasses.

Do as much as possible around your aviaries, such as mowing the lawn, walking past, listening to the radio and general yard maintenance. By doing these things, the birds become used to people and noise and are not so flighty.